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The US tax code has grown exponentially in recent decades. It is now estimated at 70,000 pages! That's a daunting amount of complexity that no individual or small business owner can possibly keep up with. That's why people who file their own tax returns often get them wrong or miss out on deductions and credits that they just don't know exist.

Alison Green has studied the US tax code since 2008, preparing thousands of tax returns and training new tax preparers. 

Make sure you get the highest refund or the lowest tax bill by working with Alison Green Accounting and Taxation, LLC.

Don't be fooled by "free-file" software. It is only as good as your understanding of the tax code. 

"Alison has been amazing!! She not only helped me clean up my past years taxes she has also answered all of my questions and set me up to run more efficiently on QuickBooks. I would be lost without her."

Laura Lycans, Real Estate Broker - Sandhill's Choice Realty, LLC

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