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"You do what you do best and leave the accounting to me"


The face of accounting has changed. No longer is it about reporting historical figures some time after the event; with the assistance of current technology, we have the ability to review a business's performance on a live daily basis.

Accountants are now business partners - enabling clients to monitor and review their sales, expenses and, most importantly, profits regularly to see what is happening. Forecasting and budgeting play a huge role in business planning and fundraising.

Alison Green Accounting and Taxation, LLC can help you improve your knowledge of the profitability of your business, help you present a professional business plan to investors and leave you to do what you do best - run your business.

Is managing your business finances getting you bogged down?

Do you know if your business is actually making a profit?

Would you like to have someone check that you are doing it right?

Do you know all about what you can and can’t deduct for tax purposes?

Do you know how to make the most of those deductions?

Do you know about Sales and Use taxes?

Do you need someone to file your sales tax returns?

Do you know what records you should be keeping?

Do you need help maintaining your accounting records?

Do you need help preparing a forecast model to obtain a bank loan?

Are you thinking about incorporating in NC?

Do you panic at the thought of preparing your tax return?

Are you curious about how your business will affect your tax return?

Do you need someone to set up an accounting system for you?

Do you need a way of organizing your income and expenditure so there is no panic at the end of the year?

Do you just need some advice about all of this?

Contact me and let's talk about what I can do to help you.

“Alison has been my business and personal accountant for 2 years and she has helped me streamline my processes. I am extremely confident in her ability to provide me with accurate, professional guidance.  She monitors my business monthly and makes sure that I keep on track. She provides me with projections and helps me plan for the future.  I highly recommend Alison and her tax and accounting services."

Debbie Waitley, Real Estate Broker - Homes in Motion Realty, LLC

“Alison is one of the best investments I have made for my business. I highly recommend her to anyone that needs financial assistance!"

D'Shawn Russell, Owner - Southern Elegance Candle Company

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